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Voice For Health – Searing Facial Pain
by Dr. Gabrielle Freedman

Read Voice For Health – Searing Facial Pain by Dr. Gabrielle Freedman to learn more about Family Practice of Chiropractic and our Chiropractic office in Quincy, MA.

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Dr. FreedmanWhen there is the experience of brief, sharp pain across the face that seems as if it were an electrical shock, the problem is most likely “trigeminal neuralgia.” The pain, which may occur intermittently over the course of a few days, is caused by compression of the trigeminal nerve that is located on each side of the face. In the majority of cases, the compression is caused by a nearby blood vessel that presses against the nerve root. Less commonly, the nerve may be compressed by tumors, cysts, or blood vessel malformation. It is also possible that trigeminal neuralgia may result from a misalignment of the upper cervical spine, in which case chiropractic treatment can help.

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P.S. The trigeminal nerve, which is the fifth cranial nerve located within the brain, is primarily responsible for transmitting sensations from the face to the brain.

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