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Not Just About Relieving Pain

Chiropractic is not just about relieving pain; it’s about enhancing even the seemingly healthy person’s function, performance, and quality of life. Chiropractic looks at not only the structural but the mental, emotional, and nutritional side of wellness. Chiropractic care ensures that the spine works properly to maximize normal nerve flow and minimize pressure on the nervous system from stress and postural strain or injury, leading to pain, dysfunction, and decreased quality of life. It is gratifying to see people of all ages turning to chiropractic as a safe and effective alternative to medication and surgery for a wide variety of health issues.

The goal of chiropractic care is to relieve pain, promote healing, restore and maintain function, reduce the likelihood of re-injury, restore proper motion, and prevent accelerated degenerative spine disease. Comprehensive chiropractic healthcare goes much further. It all comes back to wellness, defined as not simply the absence of sickness. Wellness suggests a proactive approach to living, which results in optimal physical, emotional, and social well-being. This involves learning how to get healthy and stay healthy by practicing positive health habits and giving up harmful ones. To do this, we teach people to listen and respond to their bodies warning signals before illness interrupts life’s activities. The chiropractor’s role is to facilitate and increase the potential for health so we can live life to its fullest.

Chiropractic Care In Quincy

For over 128 years, chiropractic care has been the leading natural and non-invasive approach to treating chronic spinal pain conditions. The field of chiropractic medicine continues to change. Our clinic specializes in using the best combination of chiropractic care with spinal rehabilitative exercises for pain management and pain relief, with the long-term goal of spinal stability. Chiropractic care first relieves the tension or inflammation of the delicate nerves of the spine. This irritation of spinal nerves is the chief cause of spinal pain. When chiropractic adjustments are given to relieve the pressure placed on the nerves of the spine, relief is noticed almost instantly. This relationship between the spine and the nervous system is the main focus of chiropractic treatment. With chiropractic care, patients respond to painful spinal conditions and other conditions affecting the entire body.

What We Offer!

At the Family Practice of Chiropractic in Quincy, MA, our focus is on providing holistic care that emphasizes non-invasive alternatives to traditional medicine. Our approach recognizes and addresses the patient as an integrated working biological system rather than merely treating individual symptoms or specific conditions.

Our comprehensive care encompasses a range of treatments, including chiropractic adjustments, spinal corrective rehabilitative exercises, and spinal decompression. By understanding that the spine serves as a vital communication channel throughout the body, our chiropractic adjustments and rehabilitation techniques have the potential to not only correct issues directly related to the spinal column but also alleviate disturbances elsewhere in the body.

In addition to these services, we offer post-surgical pain management when necessary and work closely with other healthcare providers to coordinate your overall care. Our commitment lies in identifying and addressing the root causes of your health conditions, whether physical, nutritional, emotional, mental, or social.


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“Terrific experience from the front desk personnel, Paula & Melissa!

Dr. Freedman is such a wonderful practitioner, always punctual & efficient. She has restored my functioning so I can play pickleball much more frequently without pain. I am sleeping better & feel great. Highly recommend!”

– Gayle

What People Say About Us.

I highly recommend Dr Freedman. She was able to help relieve my back pain quickly and has helped to correct my spine in a matter of months. She explains things well and you can tell she cares about her patients’ well being.

– Jacqui N.

Not only do I get adjusted, but I bring my children as well! I highly recommend Family Practice of Chiropractic Care as Dr. Freedman and her 26 years of experience has seen it all and knows just how to help when you think all hope is lost! They not only tailor each individual care plan, but they truly care about each patient and great them with a warm smile the second they walk through the door!

– Cassandra B.

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