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Voice For Health – Out Of Sight And Mind
by Dr. Gabrielle Freedman

Read Voice For Health – Out Of Sight And Mind by Dr. Gabrielle Freedman to learn more about Family Practice of Chiropractic and our Chiropractic office in Quincy, MA.

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Dr. FreedmanAccording to the National Headache Foundation, four out of five migraine sufferers experience sensitivity to light during a migraine. This phenomenon may be explained by the fact that the group of nerves called the “superior cervical sympathetic ganglion” (SCSG), which is located opposite the second and third cervical vertebrae, directly affects the face, eyes, ears, and blood vessels throughout the head. If a misalignment in the cervical vertebrae results in pressure on nerves leading from the SCSG, it will likely cause vasoconstriction of the blood vessels in the head and dilation of the pupils. Relieving pressure on the nerves that cause these symptoms may help bring relief to migraine sufferers who experience changes in vision and light sensitivity.

There are many different types of headaches and a thorough chiropractic evaluation can help determine which type of headache you suffer from. To schedule an appointment for chiropractic care, please call FAMILY PRACTICE OF CHIROPRACTIC at 617-472-4220. We are located at 112 McGrath Hwy., Quincy. One of the many techniques we use is called Koren Specific Technique or KST. This technique is very gentle, yet very powerful. Quite often improvement is noticed after the first few adjustments.

P.S. Migraine, which is the twelfth most disabling disorder in the United States, permanently alters brain structure.

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