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Voice For Health – Improved Posture May Elevate Mood

Voice For Health – Improved Posture May Elevate Mood

Dr. FreedmanThere are a number of reasons to improve bad posture including increased flexibility, which lessens susceptibility to injury. As if any more reason were needed, a correct alignment of the hips, spine, neck, and jaw may actually improve mood. So says a preliminary study involving 61 individuals with mild to moderate depression. As a whole, this group tended to sit with stooped shoulders and rounded backs. For the study, half the group was allowed to sit in its usual slouched position and the other half received treatment that encouraged them to sit upright. Then, both groups underwent stress-level tests and answered questionnaires about their mood. It turned out that the upright posture group had lower fatigue and anxiety levels.

Poor posture may also affect your digestive tract and influence confidence and stress levels. Chiropractic treatment can help improve and maintain posture through chiropractic adjustments, exercises and recommendations on proper positions during different activities. To schedule an appointment for chiropractic care, please call FAMILY PRACTICE OF CHIROPRACTIC at 617-472- 4220. Our office is located at 112 McGrath Hwy., Quincy.

P.S. Poor posture often leads to compensatory body positioning that only worsens posture further.

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