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Voice For Health – Help For Arthritic Knees
by Dr. Gabrielle Freedman

Read Voice For Health – Help For Arthritic Knees by Dr. Gabrielle Freedman to learn more about Family Practice of Chiropractic and our Chiropractic office in Quincy, MA.

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Dr. FreedmanAccording to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, more than 700,000 knee replacement procedures are performed annually in the United States. “Knee arthroplasty” is commonly performed to relieve pain and restore function to osteoarthritic (“wear and tear” arthritis) knee joints. While no one questions the value and effectiveness of total knee replacement surgery in cases where the knee joint is damaged beyond repair, surgery should be undertaken only as a last resort. Until that point is reached, research shows that chiropractic knee adjustments can benefit people suffering from osteoarthritic knee pain by decreasing pain intensity and lessening clicking and grinding sensations. When the first signs of knee pain occur, chiropractic treatment may help forestall surgery.

At FAMILY PRACTICE OF CHIROPRACTIC, we provide safe, gentle and effective chiropractic care for those suffering from knee pain. We’re located at 112 McGrath Hwy., Quincy, where we strive for excellence through superior patient management and education. Please call us at 617.472.4220 to schedule an appointment. Your case will be evaluated, the procedure will be explained and demonstrated, and your questions will be answered. We will only accept you as a patient if we feel we can help.

P.S. Chiropractic treatment can help relieve pain and limited function in patients with osteoarthritic knees by restoring normal joint alignment and gait, reducing inflammation, and recommending activities that promote flexibility and mobility.

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