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Voice For Health – Bad Vibes
by Dr. Gabrielle Freedman

Read Voice For Health – Bad Vibes by Dr. Gabrielle Freedman to learn more about Family Practice of Chiropractic and our Chiropractic office in Quincy, MA.

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Dr. FreedmanProlonged exposure to vibrations emitted by hand tools can give rise to a condition known as Hand-Arm Vibration Syndrome (HAVS). Early symptoms usually include pain, tingling, numbness, and increased sensitivity to cold, eventually followed by impaired sensibility and limited dexterity. Smokers and people who work in cold temperatures may be particularly vulnerable to this condition, which stems from arterial constriction and neurological damage. Research shows that, as the arteries in the hand are subjected to prolonged vibration, they become constricted, which may in turn starve nerves. At some point, it’s possible the numbness caused by the vibration could lead to permanent damage. With this in mind, workers and hobbyists should have their symptoms checked out as soon as they appear.

FAMILY PRACTICE OF CHIROPRACTIC is dedicated to helping everyone achieve their natural wellness objectives. We accomplish this goal by combining skill and experience that truly spans the entire chiropractic wellness spectrum. If your life is being stopped by pain, it is our top priority to protect your wellbeing, respect your needs and make your treatment plan an enjoyable experience. To schedule an appointment, please call 617- 472-4220. We accept most major insurance plans. Our office is located at 112 McGrath Hwy., Quincy.

P.S. The sensation of tingling, numbness, and/or muscle weakness in any part of the body often stems from a nerve-related problem that the chiropractor can diagnose and treat.

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