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Welcome to Family Practice of Chiropractic's Quincy MA Sciatica Archive. Here you can learn more about Family Practice of Chiropractic, Chiropractic, and Dr. Gabrielle Freedman, today's choice for Chiropractors in Quincy, MA. Read Dr. Gabrielle Freedman's Chiropractic Quincy MA Sciatica for the health of it.

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Meet Rob, our patient of the week!

After 1 week of chiropractic care from Dr. Freedman, he was almost completely pain free after suffering from Sciatica for a very long time. Thanks to Rob’s commitment (consistently keeping his appointments) and the individualized chiropractic plan Dr. Freedman has designed for him, Rob says, “he’s getting better daily.”

Great job, Rob! And thank you! Chiropractic helps people get back to living the lives they want to live! We’re so happy when that happens!

Mind Your Language – It Affects You

Language Quincy MA Health Affects

Recently walking through a supermarket, I overheard a middle-aged man say “My son gave me this stupid cold and I feel horrible” as he rubbed his eyes and sniffled through his words. Unfortunately a totally common occurrence! When we are “sick”, we naturally want to complain and list all our symptoms.  As a loving doctor and ...


Voice For Health – Impinged Nerve, Leg Pain, and Weakness

Dr. Freedman

“Sciatica” is generally defined as pain along one or both branches of the sciatic nerve that runs from the lower spine to the buttocks and down each leg. These nerves serve as pathways of sensation for the lower extremities. When a disc presses on a nerve root in the lumbar or sacral region, it results ...


Plantar Fasciitis Exercises

Ligament Inflammation Quincy

There are many different types of ligament inflammations however, plantar fasciitis can cause more inconvenience than most. This is due to the fact that the ligament is used every time you take a step, recovery and resting it is extremely difficult. The Plantar Fascia is the ligament that connects the ball of your foot to ...


Is Spinal Decompression Therapy a Good Option

Spinal Decompression Therapy Quincy

We are often asked questions about various treatment options and which ones offer the best outcome and chance for success. Over the last several years Spinal Decompression Therapy has become one of the most popular treatments that patients ask about. Is spinal decompression therapy a good treatment option? Well the answer is that it really ...


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