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Voice For Health – Tight Hamstrings, Painful Backs

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Voice For Health – Tight Hamstrings, Painful Backs

Dr. Freedman

If you feel stiff and tight after sitting for prolonged periods of time, the problem may reside with your “hamstring muscles,” the three long bundles of muscle in the back of the upper legs. When you sit, the hamstrings move into a shortened position. The more sitting you do, the shorter the hamstrings get. As ...


Voice For Health – Deep-Seated Problem

Dr. Freedman

The “piriformis” muscle, located deep in the buttock, begins at the lower spine and connects to the upper surface of each femur (thighbone). This small muscle helps stabilize the hip, leg, and pelvic area. When it becomes inflamed, after sitting too long or rotating the leg outward (as when driving), this small muscle can harden ...


Neck Pain – Not This Summer!

Neck Pain Quincy MA Whiplash

We all love summer vacations filled with the fun of amusement parks and long days on the beach. At least, we use too. As children, we could not wait to get on the newest and fastest roller coasters and be thrown around on the lake on water skis and tubes. But as we ...


21st Century Neck Pain

Neck Pain Quincy MA Posture

We are in full swing of the 21st century with all its benefits but also alarming detriments. All correspondence is now primarily virtual. Interactions between humans, may it be business, casual acquaintances and worse, our more intimate partners has now become smart technology hands-free operations based. With so much time spent in our virtual ...


Sports Rehabilitation And You

Sports Injury Quincy MA Rehabilitation

We all know that playing sports and healthy exercise should be an essential part of staying healthy. These health-smart actions benefit your heart, lungs, joints, bones, and also your mind in the way it releases mood-enhancing endorphins. The downside is that physical activity can sometimes lead to injuries. Injuries are caused by a variety ...


Voice For Health – Aching Hips

Dr. Freedman

Located in joints throughout the body, “bursae” are fluid-filled sacs that are positioned between bones and soft tissues, acting as cushions to help reduce friction. “Bursitis” results when a bursa becomes inflamed and swells with fluid. The most common form of hip bursitis, “trochanteric bursitis,” involves the broad, flat area of bone (“greater trochanter”) at ...


Voice For Health – Mortal Danger

Dr. FreedmanIt is often pointed out that four out of five individuals will suffer back pain at some point in their lives. Now, there is new information that may lead us to believe that back pain is as potentially harmful to overall health as it is pervasive. According to a study of nearly 4,400 adult twins aged 70 years and older, those with spinal pain (back and neck) had a 13 percent higher chance every year of dying. This finding should come as significant news to anyone who thinks that back pain is more of a hindrance than it is potentially life-threatening. Spinal pain may be part of a pattern of poor health and poor functional ability, which increase mortality risk.

Regular chiropractic treatments usually focus on spinal manipulation and alignment to aid pain management and stimulate the body’s self-healing abilities. Realignment of the spine is thought to reduce pressure on the central nervous system. To schedule an appointment for chiropractic care, please call FAMILY PRACTICE OF CHIROPRACTIC at 617- 472-4220. We are located at 112 McGrath Hwy., Quincy.

P.S. Low back pain is ranked as the highest contributor to disability in the world.

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Say Goodbye To Your Knee Pain

Knee Pain Quincy MA Joint Pain

Let's live healthier and more active longer.  That alone has become the motto of our generations who may have reached our embracing years of our thirties and older.  Our ability to want to play full out is fabulous as long as we maintain and take care our health and our bodies along the way.  One ...


Leave Your Back Pain At Home This Summer

Back Pain Quincy MA Vacation

Summer vacation is near!  The excitement of warm weather and the well needed break from school or work  is upon us.  As the last school bell rings or the final confirmation of your travel plans arrives make sure you not only pack accordingly but prepare with these simple tips so you may enjoy the most of ...


Voice For Health – Not Just A Hiccup

Dr. Freedman

Because breathing is an involuntary action, we often take it for granted. Fortunately, we have the “phrenic nerve” to thank for controlling the breathing process. This nerve, which begins in the brain and continues down to the C-3 through C-5 cervical spinal roots in the neck (where it splits), controls the diaphragm muscle. During the ...


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