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Human Factors in the Ergonomic Equation

Quincy Workplace Ergonomics

Workplace Ergonomics Simply Defined Workplace ergonomics is the practice of designing or redesigning an area in which a person works to the specific needs and job requirements of that person. Simply defined that for an ergonomic workplace to be created, a proper assessment of the environment must first of all take place so that appropriate changes ...


Don’t Ignore The Warning Lights!

Pain Warning Lights Quincy MA

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Ready For Pain Relief in Quincy?

Chronic Pain Solutions Quincy MA Low Back Pain

Are you in constant pain? Do you carefully balance between managing your pain vs. giving up and crying?  Is it just too much?" If you can relate or watch someone you love suffer needlessly, read on for insightful information to help you understand and choose the best pain solution options from the experts in treatments of headaches, ...


Voice For Health – Soccer Safety

Dr. Freedman

While soccer is generally regarded to be a safer sport than football, it has its fair share of collisions (with other players, the ground, posts, and the ball) that lead to injury and concussions. Among the most avoidable of these impacts involves “heading the ball,” which is an accepted passing, clearing, and scoring tactic. However, ...


Work Smarter With Ergonomics

Work Ergonomics Quincy MA

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