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Voice For Health – Degenerating Discs

Dr. Freedman

As one might suspect, no part of the body is immune from the effects of aging. In the case of the discs positioned between each bone (vertebra) in our backs, “disc degeneration” is a common problem that is experienced by nearly 40% of the population age 40 years and older. According to a ten-year study ...


Stop Popping For Pain Relief

Neck Pain Quincy MA Whiplash

Oh, the aisles of the pharmacy. It's like Christmas year round. If you have pain or discomfort in any part of your body, the pharmacy will have a pill that you can "pop" for pain relief. Now, this next part may upset you, but the pain that you are first experiencing is your ...


Start Strong Stay Strong

Start Stong Stay Strong Quincy MA

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Happy Presidents Day!

Happy Presidents Day

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Voice For Health – Improved Posture May Elevate Mood

Dr. Freedman

There are a number of reasons to improve bad posture including increased flexibility, which lessens susceptibility to injury. As if any more reason were needed, a correct alignment of the hips, spine, neck, and jaw may actually improve mood. So says a preliminary study involving 61 individuals with mild to moderate depression. As a whole, ...


Be the Master Electrician of Your Health

Neck Pain Quincy MA Headaches

In our office, we strive to not only help you get well but to stay well. The best way for us to achieve this is by merely explaining the "how" and "why" of how our bodies work and what we can do to maintain the results that we can help you achieve. How Does The Fuse ...


Happy Valentine’s Day

Happy Valentines Day Quincy MA

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Role of a Healthy Lifetime

Healthy Lifetime Quincy MA

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Fast Track Your Recovery in Quincy

Back Pain Quincy MA Sciatica

For most, recovering from an injury is an exercise in itself. For an athlete, being told that you have to reduce or halt all activity in order to let the bone or muscle heal is equivalent to torture. However, there are a few things you can do to help speed the healing process so you ...


Imagine Your Next Health Transformation

Health Transformation Quincy MA

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